Humane mole trapping you can trust

Mark Cotton

A Little Bit About Mark ...

Norfolk Mole Catcher is a name that commercial, agricultural and domestic customers have come to know and trust. Mark Cotton, the man behind the name, has vast experience in mole control.

He has undergone all the necessary training, plus more, to provide a safe, reliable and humane service that operates in line with current UK legislation.

With 30 years’ experience under his belt, Mark is proud of the reputation that speaks before him. Mark knows that trapping moles takes time, skill and an understanding of how moles behave in their natural habitat. He holds full public liability insurance, so you can rest assured that your land is in safe hands.

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Our Qualifications

  • GBM The Guild of British MoleCatchers
  • British Pest Control Association
  • BP Basis Promt
  • Supporting CRRU Campaign For responsible Rodenitcide
  • CRB Criminal Checked Records Bureau

  • SX Environmental - Wildlife management
  • UKPCO - Advanced Wildlife Management
  • Killgerm - Control of rural pests
  • WMA Advanced Wildlife Management
  • Corvid and other Pest Birds
  • Advanced Trapping - Snaring
  • Rodent - Grey Squirrel Control
  • Rabbit and Mink Control
  • Fox Control

  • Killgerm - Biology, behaviour and control of birds
  • Killgerm - Workshop
  • NPTC - Level 2 certificate of competence in vertebrate Pest Control.
  • The Guild of British Mole Catchers - Level 1, 2, 3
  • Campaign Against Illegal Poisoning - CAIP course
  • UKPCO - Health and safety awareness
  • Insecticide Labels
  • UKPCO - EFKs and environmental assessment
  • Britannia - Safe use - Storage maintenance and visual inspection of steps and ladders
  • Integrated wasp pest management

  • Understanding house mouse behaviour & its impact on effective control
  • Keep it legal - mammal protection requirements
  • Norway rats - understanding biology & behaviour
  • Insecticide labels
  • Lark Valley - Hand held applicator
  • Otley College – Pesticides
  • Otley College - Hygiene manufacturing
  • Otley College - Hygiene catering
  • Otley College - Health and Safety
  • Killgerm rodent control
  • Killgerm rodent control
  • Killgerm biology in insects
  • Killgerm Pesticides
  • Killgerm airgun

Get In Touch With Us

If you would like to learn more about the work carried out by Norfolk Mole Catcher, have a chat with Mark today.

Tel: 01379 852 950
Email: mark@norfolkmolecatcher.co.uk

Did you know?

While the core of our work is Moles, we also have the skills, qualification and experience to take on other pests.

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