Domestic Mole Trapping

Regain Control Of Your Garden

Why Have Them Removed?

A private garden is often described as a relaxing space for homeowners. It is a place where you can sit and unwind as you enjoy a BBQ with loved ones and take in the natural beauty around you. That is, of course, until a mole also takes a liking to your garden.

When a molehill appears in your lawn, it is likely to be the first of many. A single mole can quickly turn a beautiful, green lawn into an uneven and unsightly feature in the centre of your garden. 

Moles are territorial and once they frequent an area that has a good supply of food, namely earthworms and other invertebrates that enter their tunnels, they are unlikely to move on of their own accord.

Damage To Lawns And Flower Beds

Not only do moles create a series of tunnels underground, leading to hazardous dips in the lawn, but they leave heaps of soil on the surface of the lawn too. 

As a result of this behaviour, any plants or seedlings in their path will be at risk of sustaining permanent damage.

You may feel tempted to try to take the matter into your own hands, but mole catching takes skill and professional knowledge of mole habits. 

Access to the correct equipment is essential.

Methods We Use For Trapping Moles

Here at Norfolk Mole Catcher, we are on hand to help you regain control of your garden before the damage caused to your relaxing outdoor space leaves you devastated and out of pocket. 

We have been in business for over 30 years and use traditional methods to catch moles in their tracks.

We hold full public liability insurance and work carefully and methodically to get on top of any mole problem, no matter how big or small your garden may be.

To take the first steps towards a mole-free lawn, give Mark a call today.

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