Reasons For Mole Control

Molehills are more than just an aesthetic problem

Why Have Them Removed?

A mole is a small, solitary mammal that spends its life underground. If you have ever walked across your lawn and noted a ‘spongy’ feel underfoot, this may be indicative that a mole has paid you a visit.

Unfortunately, when a mole finds an area of soil that is home to juicy earthworms and other invertebrate, it will claim that area as its territory. Moles can live for 4-5 years, providing they have access to a rich source of food.

They must consume 70-100% of their bodyweight in food every 24 hours in order to survive, so they spend their lives travelling through the ground in search of their next meal. A single mole can travel at speeds of up to 2.5 miles per hour and will travel for 4 continuous hours, before taking a 4-hour break.

A mole will follow this 4-hours on, 4-hours off shift pattern day and night throughout its entire life. This means that a single mole can travel 30 miles in a 24-hour period!

Damage To Lawns And Flower Beds

The damage that the natural habits of moles cause to land can be significant. They create tunnels underground, some shallow and some deep.

These tunnels disturb the root system of plants and crops, depriving them of moisture. The tunnels also make the ground level uneven, with dips forming when the tunnels eventually collapse. Mole activity increases the risk of a person or animal suffering a fall, with horses often sustaining the worst injuries.

here is no denying that molehills look unsightly, but molehills are more than just an aesthetic problem as a molehill is a warning that more extensive damage has been caused beneath the surface.

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