Commercial Mole Trapping

A low-cost mole control solution

The Problem With Moles

When moles invade your commercial green space, this can have a negative impact not just on your business activities but, in many cases, the general public too. 

Moles create tunnels beneath the ground and push mounds of soil to the surface. 

These mounds, or molehills as they are better known, can make a previously tidy area appear poorly maintained. In addition, the tunnels often leave dips in the ground, creating a trip hazard.

Significant Damage

A single mole can cover a vast area in the space of a day. As he moves through the ground, he leaves behind a trail of destruction. 

If the tunnels the mole digs are very shallow, long ridges will be visible on the surface. For someone like an arable farmer, this can spell disaster, as the delicate root structure of crops will suffer significant damage.

In order to minimise the risk of extensive and costly damage to your land, swift action is vital.


This includes village greens, playing fields, schools and golf courses.


From small scale farms to large industrial farms spread across 1000s of acres.

Horse Paddocks

Whether it be a single horse paddock to multipe yards across Norfolk & Suffolk

Much More

Ultimately there isn't a mole problem we can't put our years of knowledge to.

Methods We Use For Trapping Moles

We only use traditional mole catching methods and our traps are certified as safe and humane as per current UK legislation. 

Our work is fully insured and we have the skills and knowledge to eradicate moles from any environment, large or small. 

Keeping your business open is a top priority for you and a top priority for us. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure that our work does not hinder your business activities and pride ourselves on delivering a service that is both professional and reliable.

To learn more about our commercial mole trapping service, please call Mark today.

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